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See how companies like you, are successfully managing industry challenges by leveraging the InsuredHQ Platform.

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“If you are looking for a dynamic solution and curious team eager to help provide policyholders with innovative insurance products, look no further than InsuredHQ"

Discover how Carpeesh is revolutionizing automotive insurance with telematics technology and a strong partnership with InsuredHQ.

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"If you are looking for a solution to your current software, this is the one to get. The user-friendly software of InsuredHQ (which you can carry in your pocket), will save you time and money"

If you need to keep your finger on the pulse of your business, want to increase productivity, and save money, then look no further. It's an absolute little gem!

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“InsuredHQ paid attention to what we wanted and came up with a solution every time.”

Baileys Insurance Brokers have experienced significant growth since the rollout of the InsuredHQ system and API....

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"I have never seen such a fast implementation. Our underwriters and data processing staff love how simple the system is to use, yet it covers all the bases"

The system manages all policy and claims lifecycle, accounts, reporting even through to net income and premium retention management.  I’m looking forward to this partnership and many of the innovations that InsuredHQ has to offer.

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"The future looks bright as we venture into new products"

"What we found refreshing is the IHQ team designed nearly anything we needed from the setting up of simple templates to Management reports capturing analytical or accounting data to assist in planning for our future.

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"A highly successful outcome! We highly recommend InsuredHQ and its team"

Seguros Muskus used a homegrown policy management system with minimal functionality that was limiting their capacity for growth. Learn how InsuredHQ and Segruos Muskus replaced this system with a complete insurance software management solution that managed policies, claims, document production, and accounts.

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